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Finding the right doctor after an auto accident can be the most difficult decision you can make. The Injury Docs are a team of top specialists from Orlando and all over Central Florida. We have a network of specialists to ensure you receive the very best possible care afer your accident.


How can a medical doctor help me after my car accident or personal injury? Most people just don't know what to do after a car accident in Orlando or anywhere in Central Florida. There are many questions you may have following a car accident or a personal injury, such as: what should I do first, contact a medical doctor, Chiropractor, Orthopedic doctor, or call my insurance company or contact an auto accident attorney. Will the doctors accept my auto insurance, or my PIP insurance, how does this work? These are just some of many questions, you may be asking yourself. You may just be in pain and just want to get in and see a doctor quickly! Or you may not be in pain, but you know that the right thing to do is to see a doctor quickly to get checked out and make sure there are no injuries. These are all important decisions that can effect your health dramatically. Did you know, that most family or primary care doctors do not accept auto insurance or auto accident patient, they do not accept any personal injury insurance at all? They are not set up to treat auto accident injuries, therefore they do not have the experience or expertise that our Medical and Chiropractic Accident Specialists have. Many patients tell us they spend a great deal of time after an auto accident trying to find a doctor that will treat them, as well as accept their auto accident insurance and handle the billing for them. The Injury Docs accept ALL auto insurance and all Personal Injury insurance and our doctor's specialize in the treatment of auto accident's and personal injuries. As a courtesy our doctors will bill your auto insurance direct for you to your carrier! If you have an accident attorney, our doctors will work with your attorney on your behalf for you! If you do not have an attorney, let us know. The Injury Docs are familiar with several of the top Orlando accident attorneys, maybe we can help! Se Habla Español!

Orthopaedic  Doctors & Surgeons

What is an Orthopaedic  Doctor, Surgeon?

How can an Orthopaedic surgeon help me if I have had a car accident. An Orthopaedic doctor is a physician that is devoted to the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of injuries, disorders and diseases of the body’s musculoskeletal system. This system includes bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves and tendons.

Orthopaedic physicians and surgeons treat auto accident injury patients on a daily basis, as well as patients involved in other types of personal injuries and accidents. Orthopedic doctors are specialists in treating all aspects of the spine and the musculoskeletal system. Many orthopedists specialize in certain areas, such as the back, neck, shoulder, elbow, spine, hip or knee. Orthopaedic surgeons may also choose to focus on specific fields like pediatrics, trauma, reconstructive surgery, or sports medicine.

The Chiropractors and Medical Doctors within the Injury Docs network, work with many different specialists and health care professionls to ensure your well being throughout your entire treatment plan. Some of these inlcude Orthopedic Specialists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Neurologists, Nuerosurgons, Pain Management Doctors, Family Physicians and TMJ specialists. The Injury Docs have a wide variety of  Medical Spine specialists and Physical Therapy Rehabiltiation Specialists. Our doctor's all work in harmony to help you get back on the road to wellness as quickly as possible. There are so many treatments options available today! We have all the latest treatments to help you every step of the way! Each doctor specializes in a few select areas. Call The Injury Docs NOW for a free consultation with our doctor! Let us find the right doctor for you!

Auto Accident Doctors, Personal Injury Physician Specialists

Did you know, that most of the time, people don’t go to see a doctor after a car accident or personal injury, because they thought they felt fine after the car accident and were not really not really feeling injured at the time. The most common injury to the neck is a whiplash injury. Whiplash is caused by a sudden movement of the head, either backward, forward, or sideways, that results in the damage to the supporting muscles, ligaments and other connective tissues in the neck and upper back. Sometime's an injury is occurring, even though you are not feeling pain yet. This is why our doctor's all recommedn that you come in and get checked out as soon as possible after the auto accident. This will avoid possible serious injury later on. The Injury Docs in your Orlando or Central Florida area will give you a spinal check up and If everything checks out, our doctor's will let you know, and have you return when and if, they or you feel it is necessary. Contact an Injury Docs cheduling coordinator right now for more info or to get connected to a specialist in your area! The Injury Docs have so many locations all across Orlando and Central Florida and they offer immediate appointments for every patient in every area!. Speak to an Injury Docs scheduling specialist right now and as us which location is right for you!. It is very important to see a doctor to make sure your spine checks out. If left untreated injuries related to an auto accident can become very serious.

Most primary and family physicans whether in Orlando or most areas of Central Florida do not accept auto insurance and are not set up to treat auto-related injuries? Patients often tell us, their family physician was not set up to treat them, and did not handle the billing to their auto insurance carrier. The Injury Docs accept all auto insurance all the time for every patient in every area!


Chiropractors, Chiropractic Physicians

Whether you are looking for a Chiropractor for your neck or back pain or are looking for a Chiropractor because of injury's resulting from a recent car accident, workers compensation accident or other personal injury, our team of doctors can help you, right now!  The Injury Docs network of Orlando and Central Florida Chiropractic Physicians specialize in back pain, neck pain, auto accident and personal injuries. The JLS Injury Physician Network has developed a team of Injury Medical Doctors and Chiropractors all across Orlando Florida and Central Florida to help you find the right doctor in the right location for you. The team of Chiropractors and medical doctors in Orlando Florida, and all throughout Central Florida was created with you in mind! The doctors work very closely in combination with other injury physician specialists to ensure your well being at all times. The doctors will oversee every aspect of your case and keep in contact with your accident attorney ( if you have one) regarding your case, including your medical records and reporting. The JLS doctors have many years of experience treating injured patients, therefore can create expert reporting throughout your case. JLS was created to help you find the right doctor in the right area for you, and get you back on your way to wellness as quickly as possible!  The JLS network can connect you to a local Chiropractic Doctor or Medical specialist immediately and there is never a fee for our service, or the physician consultation!airopractc Care help you?

People have been turning to chiropractic health care for over a century. They have sought treatment for a wide variety of ailments, ranging from migraines to back pain, neck pain, sports injuries and auto accident injuries. The following is a brief summary of circumstances where chiropractic is an appropriate health-care choice.

Chiropractic and Auto Accidents:


Auto Accidents

An auto accident can be a very difficult time for you and your family. The JLS doctor's recommend that each patient get checked out by a specialist as soon as possible after an accident.

If you have had a recent car accident in Orlando or Central Florida, whiplash and other accident related injuries need to be taken seriously. The Injury Docs recommend that you get checked out after a car accident or personal injury as quickly as possible by a specialist. Trauma can cause spinal misalignments in the body which can in turn distort your structure and irritate your nerves, bones, ligaments and discs. Any accident, auto accident, personal injury or otherwise, no matter how minor, can create nerve-damaging misalignments. The injury doctors within the JLS network area are specialists, the doctor's can give you a spinal check-up to ensure that your spine is free from these health-compromising changes and to prevent any long-term damage.  The Injury Docs work with specialists of all kinds, and can help you find the exact accident injury physician you need after your accident.


The Injury Docs Medical physician specialists recommend that each patient come in and get checked out after a car accident, whether it be with our Medical Physicians or our Chiropractic physicians, or Physical Therpists, each of these providers have years of experience and are all specialists. Injuries from an auto accident can be serious, and our doctors all recommend getting your spine checked as quickly as possible! The medical doctors within The Injury Docs network specialize in treating auto accident and injury patients as well as neck, back pain, headaches and whiplash injuries. Our doctors are located all across Orlando and Central Florida and our doctors can see you right away for an immediate appointment! All of our medical physician specialists work very closely together with Chiropractic Physicians, Orthopedic Surgeons, Neurologists, Pain Management Physicians as well as other medical doctors and specialists to make sure you are receiving the best possible care at all times!

Se Habla Español!

The medical physicians within The Injury Docs network are fluent in Spanish as well as English. Our medical doctors have trained in all areas of emergency medicine, urgent care medicine, as well as internal medicine. Our medical accident specialists focus on auto accident injury care, and personal injury, as well as physical therapy injuries, and preventive medicine. Our doctors are dedicated to the treatment of soft tissue accident injury trauma, as well as treating patients with all types of chronic neck and back pain. The Injury Docs medical team are physical medicine and rehabilitation specaialists.


Headaches- Migraines

Chiropractic Care has helped many people for many years who are suffering from migraine headaches as well as other types of headaches.  Headaches are very common, but not completely normal is some cases.   Whether your headaches are from a recent auto accident, or if this is your first migraine, or you have been suffering with them for years, we can help! Chiropractors can diagnosis the headaches, and help with many different treatments for your migraines or headaches.   Call JLS to find out more!

Whiplash Injuries

Injuries from an auto accident such as Whiplash, Neck Pain, Back Pain, need to be taken seriously and checked out as quickly as possible, as with all types of auto accident injuries. All of our doctors recommend getting checked out by a specialist as quickly as possible after an accident. Don't wait! Call The Injury Docs today and get connected to a doctor in your area for free, the consultations with the doctors are always free for every patient in every area, and all of the doctors within the Injury Docs network accept your auto insurance in full and handle all the billing for you as a courtesy.


Neck, Back Pain


This is the most common reason why people start to see a Chiropractor.  Chiropractic Physicians are non-surgical spinal specialists and treat back and neck pain every day.  There is no need to suffer with pain. Pain is an indicator that there may be degenerative changes happening in your body.  Our body's tend to degenerate as we get older, but auto accidents as well as other injuries can occur and bring the process on more rapidly. Our Orlando and Central Florida Chiropractors are experts in treating the spine! There are many different treatment options when it comes to neck and back pain. Call JLS today to see how we can help! The JLS injury doctors have the combination of Chiropractic & Medical doctors throughout Orlando Florida and Central Florida, as well as Pain Management, Massage and Physical therapy, the combination which can sometimes be the key to helping you recover quickly! Call JLS today and find out which Orlando Injury Doctor is right for you! 

Disc Herniations

There are many different combination of treatments the JLS Injury Doctors offer to patients that have disc herniations or bulging discs, to give you a comprehensive non-surgical treatment for your bulging or herniated disc problems.  Some of these include Traction, flexion distraction, Spinal manipulative therapy, spinal decompression therapy-  also known commonly as vax-d are some of the treatments our doctors provide. Others include , massage and rehabilitative exercises with a treatment plan specifically tailored to each individual patient. This combination has been shown to treat low back and neck disc problems very effectively.


Pain Management


Auto accidentsand Pain Management Doctors; Chronic pain is a multifaceted and complex syndrome, which adversely affects a person's physical, emotional, socioeconomic, and spiritual well-being. It can disrupt relationships, creativity, and productivity and impact your quality of life.  Certain injuries such as auto accident injuries, and other disorders may be improved with several treatment modalities. Many, however, require a multi-modal regimen that includes medical procedures and medications.

Auto Accident Injuries

Did you know?

Auto accident injuries occur every day.  Most physicians do not treat auto accident injuries, nor do they accept personal injury insurance of an kind. Most people wait too long to seek treatment after a car accident. Trauma can cause spinal misalignments in the body which can in turn distort your structure and irritate your nerves, bones, ligaments and discs. Any accident, whether auto accident personal injury, or workers compensation accident, no matter how minor, can create nerve-damaging misalignments. The Injury Doctors within our network, will give you a spinal check-up to ensure that your spine is free from these health-compromising changes and to prevent any long-term damage. JLS works with Chiropractic Physicians, Orthopaedic Physicians, Medical accident Physicians, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, all specializing in neck and back pain and injuries as well as auto accident injury treatment.

The Injury Docs have locations all across Central Florida and we specialize in the treatment of car accident and personal injuries. Each Injury Doctor is hand selected for our network based on their many years of experience treating auto accident and injury patients. The main goal of the JLS injury docs network is to connect with a doctor near you and ensure that you receive the best possible care! The doctors carry a wealth of knowledge and experience, over 75 years combined in the treatment of auto accident injuries. The doctors also work closely with other health professionals to ensure your well-being. The Injury Doctors are located throughout Orlando Florida, as well as all throughout Central Florida.  Our team will find and connect you to a specialist in your area right now! Some of the physicians included in the the Injury Docs network are Chiropractic Physicians as well as Medical Physicians, Massage and Physical Therapists, and much more! Our doctors work with and refer to Pain Management specialists, Orthopedic Surgeons, and Neurologists, as well as many other specialists. An auto accident can be a very difficult time for you and your family. The Injury Doctor's recommend that each patient get checked out by a specialist as soon as possible after an auto accident.

If you have had a recent car accident, you may have many questions!

  • How long will it take to see a doctor? Should I contact a doctor immediately?
  • Will my PIP insurance pay my doctor's bills, even if the accident is my fault?
  • If I were not driving and don't own a car, who will pay for my medical bills?
  • The accident was not my fault, should I speak to an attorney?
  • Does my own insurance get billed directly or the car I was in?
  • Who pays for my car to be fixed?
  • Which insurance company will pay for my medical bills?
  • If were on a bicycle or a pedestrian,  would my PIP still pay my medical bills?


Call  The Injury Docs NOW and find out how we can help you answer these questions and more!

  •  Scheduling available 24/7 to take your call and answer your questions, (even on the weekends). There is always a live professional to speak to.
  •  The Injury Docs will find and connect you with a doctor for an immediate appointment in your area!
  • The Injury Docs have a great variety of doctors including Chiropractors, Orthopedic Surgeons, Medical Doctors, Massage Therapists and more!  Locations Orlando and all throughout Central Florida!
  • The doctors within the JLS network are specialists in their prospective fields and can give you the maximum benefit of care.


The JLS Injury Docs scheduling team is available 24/7 to take your call and schedule you're immediate appointment with a specialist in you're area. JLS works with specialists such as, Chiropractic Physicians, Medical Doctors, Orthopedic Doctors and Surgeons, Neurologists, Pain Management Doctors, Board Certified Physiatrist and much more! With the JLS Injury Docs network, you will be on your way to wellness as quickly as possible!  All of the Injury doctors have extended clinic hours, and patient case managers at each location. Our patient's often tell us that the unique combination of  Medical Doctors combined with Chiropractic Physicians and Massage and Physical Therapists has really helped them to recover after an auto accident or personal injury. Our offices are simply state of the art and the doctor's and staff will make you feel right at home! Call The Injury Docs to see how we can help you, and be on the road to wellness starting NOW! JLS is available 7 days a week to take your call, even nights and weekends! Our scheduling staff is super friendly and ready to help connect you to a specialist in your area right now!  Call JLS Now to find out which location is right for you!

If you have had a recent car accident in Orlando, Kissimmee, or Central Florida, The Injury Docs can help right now! Immediate appointments with auto accident injury specialists!

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